Men are linear, Women are complex. Would be good to remember that’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

I am certain you have heard it said: Women are not to be understood, only to be loved, Men on the other hand,...

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I am certain you have heard it said: Women are not to be understood, only to be loved, Men on the other hand, are to be understood, Love them less only grant them care and respect. The understanding of this would give you peace of mind and prosperity in life.

Oestrogen my friend is not an easy thing to handle. The level of changes that take place in a woman’s body in a day is outstanding even for her to manage. Her moods oscillate depending on the hormonal changes; this however has one great antidote; Love. Show her a lot of love and she will get high on the hormone you love, become more beautiful and treat you like a King.

Add to her frustration, and I can promise you she may stomach your being unreasonable but beyond a certain threshold, you will harvest yourself a truck load of [insert your own words]. Because you are adding to her internal confusion, a toxic atmosphere. Do not be surprised when you harvest radioactivity.  

Men on the other hand almost experience the same emotional state all day. Bore him and he will ignore you, curate his ego and he will move the sun and moon to get you what you want; very predictable. Understand his interests and feed him that; Is it soccer, encourage him to get a home theatre, a gamer, let him enjoy his Xbox, PS4, Online gaming, whatever suits his interests and you will have peace.

Women on the other hand demand attention, affection, gifts and concern. They require you to analyze her mood, understand her interest and to respond with stunning accuracy. Your objective should be as simple as that, to always make her feel as the number one priority in your life. That may require different sets of moves and a lot of thought into your game plan. With men, you can just wing it.

Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. Click HERE to read more posts by Mitchell.

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