On Christmas By Anne Gathoni

The clock is ticking. Roughly 72 hours to the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas. Now, I am currently...

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The clock is ticking. Roughly 72 hours to the biggest holiday of the year. Christmas.

Now, I am currently in the midst of my examinations, but I cannot help but feel excited about the upcoming holidays. Christmas carols have been playing everywhere, the air laden with the sweet melodies. Mannequins have been decked in colourful outfits, reminiscent of the cheery holiday. Hawkers are getting more and more adventurous in their prices, confident of delving so high because they are aware that the Christmas spirit is in the air; that Christmas has lulled shoppers into a such a ludicrous and spendthrift state of mind, that they are willing to spend as much as is asked of them by the shrewd hawkers. Shops and supermarkets filling to the brim as people rush to do their shopping, planning fantastic feasts for that one day. People almost losing their minds over this planning! Mulling, obsessing and pouring over every detail of the lunch party they will be throwing; going crazy about the perfect gift to get their loved ones, and being satisfied when they finally crack that puzzle.

And yet, here I am, sitting my exams. Trying to ensure that my head is buried, not in enthralling cook books with the most inviting recipes but rather, in books about quantum physics. Trying to ensure that I am listening to, not gleeful carols, but rather, pre-recorded lectures explaining the intrinsic nature of waveguides and radio transmissions. But the clock is ticking, and soon I will be free from this pressure. Free to breathe easy and take in everything around me, rather than watch things pass me by in blurry haze. I will be able to live in the moment, rather than lurking in the shadows and watching everything from my shattered kaleidoscope. Soon…very soon.

Christmas is a joyous season for most people, but even in this joy, let us remember those who may not be as fortunate and share the gift of the season with them, as we all have a very merry Christmas.

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