'PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL INFIDELITY, WHICH IS WORSE?' When you are in a relationship, any form of cheating is brutal and causes a lot of...

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When you are in a relationship, any form of cheating is brutal and causes a lot of pain. The bone of contention today is to establish which is worse: physical or emotional infidelity? Which of the two leaves a stench of resentment that is more difficult to unravel and forgive?

Physical infidelity ranges from one night stands, kissing cuddling, any action that involves exchange of contact between body parts and is often excused for being spontaneous and a “spur of the moment” action. Emotional infidelity on the other hand, is calculated and goes on for a long time and, in my opinion, is far worse. It shows the lack of trust in a relationship and causes long term damage.

It could be a best friend in the workplace that your wife/husband does not know about. You are always texting her, sharing with her your relationship secrets and spending an awful amount of time with her. When suspicions arise, the subsequent result is an erosion of trust and a buildup of resentment. This, I gather from our lady friends, is the King butcher of all forms of infidelity. You leave her heart wrenched apart, bleeding out in a dark hole.

Physical cheating on the other hand can be blamed on being high, moments of insecurity and leaves room for forgiveness I gather, as opposed to the former, from our lady friends. As a guy however, I think this is the epitome of it; we are more willing to overlook the other guy that texts you or takes you out shopping on condition he keeps his hands to himself. The minute he lays a finger on you, is the minute the relationship takes a trip to the moon never to return.

Cheating is just not right. It packages itself in two ways; either an outright lie or not disclosing information that potentially could affect your relationship. For example, if you have that friend you text and have a problem revealing that to your loved one. My friend you are already far deeper in it than you imagine. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off, the walk isn’t over.

Be transparent. Be a person of integrity. It’s healthy for your relationship and, well being. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, please CLICK HERE to read my colleague Lillian’s article.

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