MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo – Love is not for the faint hearted

Love is not for the faint hearted

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Love is not for the faint hearted
I watched a film “San Andreas” by Dwayne Johnson aka “The Rock” and my friend, let me tell you; Love is not the faint hearted.
In spite of the fact that his wife presented to him with divorce papers, and left for a seemingly wealthier man, when tragedy struck, he was the only one that took a keen interest on keeping his family safe. A classic example of a wrong choice on the part of one, and a response of love by the other. Truly love covers over all wrongs.
Our parents or perhaps their parents lived in a generation in which when things went wrong in a marriage, the parties involved would jointly endeavor to fix it, however we live in times where whenever things go wrong, a significant population offers to bail out rather quick and find a replacement. Is what was once a sacred institution transitioning into a field playground?
I fear for our children. Unless we raise them more responsibly, we are marching forward into a circus. Until now it remains uncertain for me whether we have a generation that rushes into marriage without elderly counsel or is it that we have lost the fundamental truths that keep a family together? Borrowing from divorce rates across the world and the trend thereof, I mean. Are we too engrossed in our day to day pursuits that we place our loved ones at the altar of sacrifice? What is happening?
It appears as though we are more comfortable with the easy way out perhaps because no one told us, Love is patient, love is kind, love is long suffering, love wishes no evil, it vaunteth not itself, it places the interest of others above our own. Love covers over all wrong.
Perhaps what we need to see coming out more often are elderly and more mature couples coming out to share lessons from the heaven and hell they have enjoyed and endured from each other with younger couples to bridge the gap between reality and expectation.
Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this topic, please click HERE to read my colleague Lillian’s views.
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