MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo ‘Men want women who can pamper their ego’

'Men want women who can pamper their ego' By Mitchell Odhiambo Would you like to have the moon delivered to your doorstep...

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‘Men want women who can pamper their ego’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

Would you like to have the moon delivered to your doorstep wrapped in silk? Massage a man’s ego.             

Men are tamed beasts, even the coolest of them is a patient wolf, waiting to strike. To contain his blood flow is easy; pamper his ego. His eyes will pop open, he will forget his cares as though he took a trip to the moon and back. Tell him he has the deepest voice you’ve ever heard, and watch him chuckle. I mean, remind him of his brilliance, in fact shout his name, he will give you his wallet.  Such simple truths yet with profound effects on a man’s soul.

Men love women who magnify their strengths. All flesh has a craving for the supernatural. Take a look at the films that sell the most, the cartoons we love, the sportsmen we celebrate. This thing is so obvious, it is written on the wall.  

If a man finds a woman who massages his ego, he can take on a mountain lion, knuckle to knuckle to spare her life. Very few things in life are more worthwhile than that. If you are a woman out there and need anything from a man, lift his soul. That my friend inflates his senses. Once he is high on propanol like that, take your shot. You will thank me later.  

On the contrary, if you are a complainer, my friend you are cancer to his bones. If a whiner, rot to his soul. The quickest way to raise a healthy, serene and harmonious household is to massage the man’s ego. Keep him thinking he is the Lord of the Jungle. You’d be surprised at what a difference that can make. If not for Michelle, would we have Obama? I don’t think so.  After the wars he has tussled with during the day, he would rush home if he imagined he has a queen to nurse his soul as opposed to an endangered dragon waiting to devour whatever remains of his soul.  So, until we speak again, I am your host. Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’sworld

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