FEMALE PERSPECTIVE ‘Women love men who can make them laugh.’ By Lillian Sudi

'Women love men who can make them laugh.' By Lillian Sudi The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach...

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‘Women love men who can make them laugh.’ By Lillian Sudi

The way to a man’s heart might be through his stomach but I know that the way to a woman’s heart is through her ribs.

Women love laughing and it is no secret that we are attracted to people who make us laugh. Does that mean we want our men to be stand up comedians?  Not at all, it’s about you cracking up light jokes every now and then. We love serious men who find a balance between being authoritative and having a fun sense of humor. It can be disputed that a sense of humor depends on individual preference but a man who has just enough imagination to drops hilarious comments and remains sober through the entire conversation is definitely more attractive than a grim old fellow.

I fondly remember my first ever boyfriend, the guy made the funniest comments and had me snorting like a piglet; perhaps a tad too much. Women love men who can make them laugh; men they can be silly with and by women I mean all of them.

So why are we drawn to men who make us burst out laughing without a care? For starters, laughter is a great ice breaker. You can almost always start a conversation with someone after a good laugh. It tends to make us open up and feel more at ease.  Laughter is linked to a good feeling and remains quite therapeutic. It calms our nerves and helps us relax which is why it is termed ‘the best medicine’. On a gloomy day, making fun of all the things that went wrong makes the horrific events of the day seem smaller and more manageable.

read a story of a young woman who divorced her husband due to his continued infidelity. She did not tell her coworkers about what she was going through but slowly grew withdrawn at work after the day of the divorce. One day her boss asked her what was wrong and she told him about the divorce, he smiled and said, “Well, at least it’s not cancer, chemo is not fun.” She looked up at him and smiled, that was the first time she had done so in days. It was way easier to changing the topic from there.  

People who take themselves too seriously are no fun being around. Laughing at your own embarrassing moments dismisses the seriousness in them. Humor is also the best way to ease an otherwise ugly fight. Then again, have you ever thought anyone laughing looked horrible? I haven’t. Even with rotting teeth, laughter is linked to a happy feeling and that feeling is quite infectious. Shared laughter creates a temporary bond and is key toward developing a more long-lasting relationship. 

All ladies will say they want a man with a great sense of humor – what they really mean to say is that they want a man who can make them laugh out loud. Good looks are great, a fit body is a huge plus, money is necessary but laughter will always be the key to a girl’s heart. To get a male perspective on ‘Men want women who can pamper their ego’, please read my colleague Mitch’s post. Click HERE




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