MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo – On ‘Forcing a Commitment’

On 'Forcing a Commitment' A friend showed me a video profiling her different stages of growth in a relationship while the background...

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On ‘Forcing a Commitment’

A friend showed me a video profiling her different stages of growth in a relationship while the background music was “Nakuomba Nerea, Usitoe Mimba yangu” (I plead with you Nerea, kindly do not abort my child.) You can imagine the look on my face. I let out a sigh, teased her a bit and minded my own. 

A week later, I asked her What that was about? Then she let it out. That video was sent to her by her ex-boyfriend’s brother. That was confusing. When she dated her ex, the ex’s family was forcing her into bearing a child with the gentleman. 

They dragged her into their family issues, suggested all extreme ideas. One time during dinner, the ex’s mother asked her why she was not bearing her son a child. The brother went on to suggest, he would cater for all expenses that come with the child should they go ahead with it. 

She says one night they tipped her drink. Her intuition told her not to take it which she didn’t. The following day the brother was dancing around saying it happened, it happened. And that’s how she ended up with the “Nerea” video. She stood her ground firm, saying nothing happened and that was the end between her and the ex’s family. She couldn’t take it anymore. 

It is amazing the extremes that human’s go to, in pursuit of their selfish desires. A word of advice to all the gentlemen in the house. Give the ladies some breathing space. Chill out and play your cards like a king. No need to pull all the desperate tries. Should you need help so bad, there are a few vintage tricks the LXG (League of extra-ordinary gentlemen), fraternity will be happy to share. Some extremes are just a No No. Please No. 

Give room for the liberty of choice. Nothing is as satisfying as the assurance; the woman you marry voluntarily choses you, out of all the alternatives she had. That my friend is the preserve of a King. So, until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this, Click HERE to read my colleague Lillian’s views.

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