FEMALE PERSPECTIVE By Lillian Sudi ‘On women’s Love of Shoes ‘

'On women's Love of Shoes ' Men might break...

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‘On women’s Love of Shoes ‘

Men might break your heart but you can always fall back on a good pair of shoes, wipe your tears and catwalk away.

I shall say this simply and conclusively; I love shoes. A good pair of shoes has the eerie ability of getting me engaged… mentally, physically and emotionally. If my house caught fire, I would probably start by saving my precious shoes because our relationship is beyond the normal ‘footwear’ definition; it is a deep sense of responsibility and commitment. Some people love alcohol, others love cats, some love Chelsea, my niece loves Justin Beiber and I love shoes…who are we to judge each other? Let’s all stick to our lanes and be happy.

 Most ladies out there know that if they ever decided to sell their shoes they would probably make enough money to feed their entire clans but would rather sit back and starve. Okay maybe that was a bit exaggerated but we seriously love our shoes. The common monologue in my head in shoe stores is “Can I afford it?… I don’t care”, my struggles are ridiculous, I know( sigh). I honestly can’t count the number of times I’ve walked into a shoe store and left with a pair I couldn’t afford.

I remember I had friends who would literally skip meals in Uni to save up for a classy pair. Boots, sandals, heels, peep-toes, wedges, flats, strappys…the out of this world experience that we get every time we’re in a shoe store, pick up the sweet ‘new shoe’ scent, and spot the one pair (despite having many ‘the ones’ in our closets back home); makes any bad day a tad bit better.

A good shoe does a lot for our confidence and even a plain t-shirt and jeans pop with a fantastic pair of heels. It all lies in the realisation that a pair of shoes makes or breaks an outfit; it is that icing on top of your cake; might not taste as good but will mean the difference between an okay and an incredible cake if done just right. And for that reason we buy shoes and will keep buying shoes. Believe it or not, shoes equally do wonders for our mood.  Sneakers make me feel sporty  in every sense, kinda like I can do random cartwheels in the park, while great heels change my entire posture and bring that crazy confidence and a dash of sexiness to the table, that and pain but no pain, no gain yes?

It’s not just about how you look in them; shoes generally just make us happy. It’s the illusion of freedom of choice; I might constantly circulate around three pairs of shoes in my closet and keep telling myself I have saved the rest for all those dinners, dates and functions I will attend one day but truth be told, that ‘one day’ is only but a convenient excuse. I have more than five pairs that I have worn not once in five years but still, one day… I occasionally clean them to wipe the dust off and that’s as far as our relationship goes.

Despite our passive relationship; if they ever went missing, a part of me would wilt and die for sure. My satisfaction comes from knowing they are available as an option to me. I know how selfish and vain that sounds but it’s true. Sometimes I just look at them and feel a sudden jolt of happiness zap my heart.

For more reasons than one, shoes are more than just footwear and in Mary Jo Rapini’s words, “The fact that Cinderella left a glass slipper is not a mere coincidence”.  Ponder on that.  CLICK HERE to read my colleague Mitch’s perspective on ‘Men’s Love For Food’

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