Does my personal life affect my income? By David Neagle

Does my personal life affect my income?  By David Neagle QUESTION TO DAVID - How do I know if my personal...

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Does my personal life affect my income?  By David Neagle

QUESTION TO DAVID – How do I know if my personal life may be affecting my success? I’m in a strained relationship currently, and I’m experiencing chaos in my business as well which is resulting in a month-by-month financial loss. Is this related, or two totally separate issues I need to look at?

ANSWER: How you do anything is how you do everything, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if your personal relationships could be affecting your success.

As Vernon Howard so eloquently states, “Behave the way you really are, even if it ends a relationship. Never suppress yourself in an effort to influence, hold, or win someone. When we are unreal, so are our rewards. To say this in another way, never behave the way you think the other person wants you to behave, but in the manner you must. Nothing you really need to do or have ever requires a yielding to a person or custom.”

If you find yourself making decisions or stopping yourself for fear of what someone else will think, say or react then you really need to take a close look at that relationship.   Is that you?  Are you true to yourself or do you make decisions based on what you believe your partner may feel, think or say?   Be honest with yourself.

In a healthy relationship, both people should have the room and freedom that they need to foster their own growth. You have a responsibility to yourself to pursue your dreams, and if they don’t agree; they have the option to accept your desires or leave the relationship. Click HERE for original article.

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