FEMALE PERSPECTIVE By Yvonne Tamba On ‘Five Things You Should Never Do When Dating In Nairobi’

On ‘Five Things You Should Never Do When Dating In Nairobi’ If ever there is a time you put your...

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On ‘Five Things You Should Never Do When Dating In Nairobi’

If ever there is a time you put your best foot forward, it’s when on a date. The object of your affection is worth the hours you put into hair and make-up, the googling you did for two days to make sure you sound smart and interesting and the killer heels you need the grace of God to walk in. But some people just don’t seem to get that there are certain things you absolutely cannot do, and if it is  a first date, they’re even more taboo!  Here are just 5 of these bad dating habits. 

1.    Bringing friends to a date:I have read on social media and heard from friends of friends of neighbours that some girls when asked on a date, decide to bring their posse to what was very obviously a date. I mean, this is obviously a lie, right? Nobody actually thinks it is okay to invite a friend to an occasion where they have been invited and then expect the guy to pay for the meal and for the taxi ride home. Nobody does that, right? Ok, just checking. This is real life, not Real Housewives of Atlanta, we were raised better than that.  If she does this? Bye, Felicia. Light a bonfire featuring her number. 

2.    Disrespecting waiters I’m a people person and try to maintain a respectful, dignified relationship with everyone I come in contact with. As such, I expect people around me to do the same. It is basic human decency. Besides, the way we treat people who offer us a service is an indicator of the kind of person that we are. So if you’re on a date, and he treats you wonderfully but treats the wait staff like something he scraped them from the bottom of his shoe, toss his number. 

    Poor hygiene “I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth, I comb my hair, I take a cup of tea and then I run to school”. Does anyone remember this rhyme we used to recite in nursery school? Anyone? Raise your hands so I can count. These are words to live by! Especially those first three. Personal hygiene is very important. If he shows up not having made the effort, he’s obviously not interested. But he showed up, so maybe only blocklist his number. 

4.    Bad date activitiesTo the gentlemen, please consult before planning the date. She needs to know what the plan is. She’s going to plan her outfit, get her hair done, colour-coordinate her face. And then you decide, it’s a good day to go hiking in Ngong Hills. Here’s something guys may not know, make-up runs. Gents, it runs like Ezekiel Kemboi in Beijing. If you do anything to compromise the perfection of her style, your number will be but a distant bad memory. 

5.       Not calling after the dateCall after the date. Don’t argue with me. Just call. Make sure she got home alright, tell her you had a good time and would like to do it again even if you really don’t. Not calling is just rude! Girls, if he doesn’t call, condemn his number to eternal damnation. Then delete it. Until next week, I’m Yvonne Tamba. Stay frosty! To get a male perspective on this topic, please CLICK HERE to read my colleague Mitch’s views  –

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