MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo – On being designated to ‘The Friend Zone’

On being designated to 'The Friend Zone' "Let's Just Be Friends" A friend of mine recently set a buzz...

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On being designated to ‘The Friend Zone’

“Let’s Just Be Friends”

A friend of mine recently set a buzz on WhatsApp when he shared a photo he took with a lady and added a caption”Lovely couple”.

As if not enough, he went forward to make it his display picture only for the lady to call the dude ‘mjomba’ i.e. Uncle. After the uproar, she made attempts to salvage the situation by adding items like ‘Uncle with swag’ but it was a little too late. The gentleman is fortunate WhatsApp is a gated community and no one went ahead to share the screenshot on social sites like Twitter where topics go viral very fast.

To be sincere the zones ladies are assigning men to nowadays, are simply going to kill us. I heard pet zone, friend zone, Grandpa, Mjomba, Greenbelt, bro zone. A moment of silence to the brothers in the bro zone. What does a man do to ever deserve this?

When a man plans to get intimate with a woman, he makes her his best friend and marries her. The friendship will gel into something romantic and rare naturally. No need to sabotage that by introducing zones that clearly define no man’s land. ‘Friend zone’ what is that? Avoid it like the plague.

Some zones are to be abhorred and to be banished from the 21st Century man’s dictionary. Probably why our predecessors introduced the proverbial bro code. In case you find yourself in the devil’s loophole, employ some spiritual gymnastics and dial 911. We’ll be there to help you.

And probably if you let me, a word of advice to the ladies out there. If a dude doesn’t fit the profile, let him go. Let’s not keep pets in our home yard.

Until we speak again I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. Check out the Female Perspective on this topic, by my colleague, Yvonne Tamba Click Here

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