Focus on NEW YEAR SOLUTIONS instead of New Year Resolutions?

So, this will be the first full working week of 2016. Many people will be feeling a...

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So, this will be the first full working week of 2016. Many people will be feeling a bit low after a week or two off work, school, university or other daily routines. While some may still have another week left before returning to their daily routines, others know only life at home because they are what some refer to as NEET [Not In Education, Employment or Training].
Either way, many will have made promises to change their lives in 2016, but how many of us have actually come up with New Year Solutions (NYS), instead of New Year Resolutions (NYR)? 
NYRs, are simply  a list of goals we wish to achieve often not accompanied by a road map i.e how we plan on achieving these goals. This is why NYS (New Year Solutions), are a far better strategy and are more likely to succeed since we outline how we will go about achieving these NYRs.
So, how about we move from, NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS (NYRs):
1. Find a new job
2. Start a Masters programme
3. Start my own business
4. Lose weight
5. Find Mr/Mrs Right
1. FIND A NEW JOB – NYR to NYS: I will begin my job search by researching potential jobs suitable for someone with my skills and experience. I will then read the job description in detail and as part of my research, speak to someone who is in this role (via my contacts: friends, Facebook or LinkedIn or read online articles by experts), to get an in depth perspective.  I will then update my CV by mapping out my CV, according to the job details advertised. This is the NYS version
2. START A MASTERS PROGRAMME- NYR to NYS: I have an interest in becoming a XXXX and this requires me to have a Masters in YYYY. I will therefore speak with my undergraduate Professor/Lecturer to find out which universities he/she would recommend as well as do my own online research to find out which universities offer this course. I will ensure these universities have  accreditation and also, speak with some Alunmi, who have completed this course. If the university is overseas, I will check out ATBChat app. for international scholarship details and start organising all my academic (exam) transcripts and other relevant documents. [NYS version]
3. START  MY OWN BUSINESS – NYR to NYS: I have noticed a niche in the market for a very simple product. I cannot sit by and wait until I get funding from someone since this is unlikely to happen. I will therefore speak to the people who may be interested in buying this product to find out what their frustrations are, with the current products on the market and see how I can improve on these. I will begin by asking random potential customers, what they think about my idea and show them drawings or a rough prototype and get their feedback and suggestions (this is FREE market research). I will then refine my start-up idea according to this feedback and start working from my room.
4. LOSE WEIGHT – NYR to NYS: I would like to lose 10kg over the next year. I will avoid “quick fix” fad diets (which often do not work), and instead, focus on integrating my new healthy regime in to my life. I will take up running (since this is free), and together with my new diet, begin this year as I mean to go on. I will avoid friends who try and tempt me to drop the diet and stick with like minded and disciplined dieters and buddies who I can call/SMS when I am tempted to cheat. I will weigh myself every Monday, and note my progress.
5. FIND MR/MRS RIGHT – NYR to NYS:  I value myself, I have principles by which I stand (for moral, ethical, personal and humane reasons), and will therefore not rush but wait until I find the right partner. I will not be pressured by friends who insist my standards are too high and that I should settle for someone who does not share the same principles as me. I will get to know this person slowly and if they display actions or morals I do not agree with, I will walk away. I know I will make someone a good wife/husband and will be open to meeting this person who, like me, wishes to have a long term relationship. Anyone looking for only a good time, will be avoided.
Just some suggestions to help you focus on Solutions rather than Resolutions. Let me know how you get on with your own New Year Solutions! Meanwhile, I wish you and your families, a Happy, Peaceful and Successful 2016! Best wishes, from Miriam
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