MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo On What to Do, When she takes forever to say yes

On What To Do When She Takes Forever To Say Yes

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On What To Do When She Takes Forever To Say Yes

A friend of mine once attended a wedding and left the union having resolved to propose to a young girl he was hitting on. In typical James Bond fashion, he wooed the girl, was earning all the green ticks as she absorbed his fiery darts until he let out the question. Will you marry me? This was followed by a 5 minute silence and a sudden tectonic shift of events.

What do you mean marry you? Are you for real? Give me time to think about it. I will come back to you with an answer. A week later, nothing. A month, two months, three months and so on and so forth. This is when I got to hear about it. The man couldn’t take it in any more. What does she expect me to do? Wait for her for this long? My life is on standby. Should I move on and date? Would this offend her? I love her, I don’t want to ruin what we have. You can imagine the dilemma. What do you do as a man when she takes forever to say yes? Do you move on or keep your life on hold?

This thing called love is crazy, it has little if any bearing to gather from logic. You would think as the heart grows in love, the brain empties itself of all functions.

I believe this thing is pretty straight forward. Yes or No. Keep the man guessing but anything more than three weeks, please? What is anyone expecting to achieve in this time? Is that their admission letter to Hogwarts School of Sorcery and Magic arts?

If she takes forever be frank and ask her.  An old lady gave her account. In her early twenties she and her best friend were taking a trip to Paris from New York. Their fiances escorted them to the docks. Her best-friend’s fiancé said if you leave for Paris, I will not wait for you. Her friend was so madly in love, she abandoned the trip and stayed to get married. Her own fiancé on seeing this said “If you leave for Paris I won’t wait for you” She looked at him and said “Don’t.” Straight forward and effective.

That my friend marked the beginning of the end. Different accounts follow different story lines but she shouldn’t keep you waiting for more than three weeks.

Until we speak again, I am your host. Welcome to a man’s world. From Mitchell Odhiambo To read a female perspective on ‘Why she Takes Forever to Say Yes’ please click link to read my colleague Angela’s views –


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