MALE PERSPECTIVE By Mitchell Odhiambo On What To Do When He Takes Forever To Propose

What To Do When He Takes Too Long To Propose

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What To Do When He Takes Too Long To Propose

To my lady friends, I understand that men who are ‘marriage material’ are becoming an increasingly rare commodity. So what do you do once you have one but he is taking too long to propose? Should you come up with shrewd methods to tie him down? Have his child perhaps? Talk to his mum? Accuse him of having someone else? Or, should you just be patient and wait a bit longer?

Women in many cases, tend to mature far quicker than men especially in regards to marital issues. This however is no excuse for a gentleman in his thirties to act like a sixteen year old teenager. Different partners date for different time periods however, it is important for the both of you to know within what time frames you are expecting to settle down and invite the people that matter to bless your union ever after.

If your man is taking seemingly too long, soothe his ego and approach this issue sensitively and methodically. Affect his psychology by hinting in various ways. Tag him along to wedding parties, sit next to him, hold his hand while suggesting in many ways, how you cannot wait for the time when you will be walking down the aisle in your wedding dress.

Then promote the conversation to babies: how many kids you would like to have, suggest an age you would love to have your first kids so you can watch your children grow and leave the home before you are too old. Such a series of conversations should get him thinking about this or at least, plant a seed.  True, this may not always work however, isn’t it better that you know early on, where he stands on the subject of marriage now rather than later? A man who is serious about you and wants to marry you, will not be scared off

Men are not difficult to decipher. Women have great influence over them; only know how to utilize it. One thing I would strongly advice against is this; do not try to trap him. Whatever you do, do not employ this alternative. You may end up sharing the same house, him taking care of his kid but then feeling resentful and even not caring about you whatsoever. Miserable.

So, warm your way into his heart, drop hints along the way. He is sure to catch them.   Until we speak again, I am your host. Mitchell Odhiambo To get a female perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Angela’s views 

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