FEMALE PERSPECTIVE On What to do when he is taking forever to propose By Angela Mugo

  On What to do when he is taking...

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On What to do when he is taking forever to propose

The dreaded question, “where is this going?”. This is the question deadly enough to ruin a man’s entire day and believe me, we females do not like to ask it either. See, by the time a lady gets to that point of asking that question, she has waited until she can no longer wait any more. In her head there is a big giant clock ticking and she believes that she is running out of time. Coupled to all this, her friends could also be putting pressure too.

In your classic chick flick, there is a stunning guy and a stunning lady who seem to have it all. However, below the surface , he lady is worried that he may never propose. So she waits until he is in the middle of a very huge business meeting and throws a tantrum. Ironically, things never go south and he instead, confesses all his insecurities and goes on one bended knee. Sigh… What a pity real life is not a huge budget movie with a prestigious director to boot.

So first things first ladies, you never throw a tantrum. Tantrums are for girls, ladies explain their feelings carefully and level headedly. Secondly, if you believe you are being short changed in a relationship, never settle. Take a chance and find what you are looking for.  Never stick to a mistake because you spent too much time making it. Communication is also very important, always explain what you expect out of a relationship so that you figure if you both have similar goals. Finally, get a life! Don’t sit around waiting for a man to validate your existence by putting a ring on that finger. Find something you love doing and build your life around it. That way, you will have less time to wallow in self-pity and nag which ultimately will repel any chance you ever had of getting that diamond on your finger.

To men, do not be scared! We females are not a big giant raccoon waiting to pounce on your perfect bachelor lives and draw you into the painful existence that is marriage. Marriage is a beautiful institution and when you find the right person, your life will be one long honeymoon. However, don’t wait too long. Indeed, there is an African proverb which loosely translates as “ a man who hangs around a beautiful woman without announcing his intentions, ends up fetching water for guests at her wedding”.    To get a male perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views – http://goo.gl/DUlHvm

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