Female Perspective on The Other Woman By Lillian Sudi

The Other Woman If the woman is for the man and the man is for the man...who is left to...

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The Other Woman

If the woman is for the man and the man is for the man…who is left to support the woman?

Lillian photoFor the longest time, it has been common knowledge that women are their own worst enemies. Most women compete with women, backlash other women, and mistreat their fellow women more than they ever would a man. More often than not, a pregnant woman would walk onto a bus and a man would give up his seat for her before any woman blinks twice in her direction. It is no surprise finding out that at the center of most female disputes is usually a man, because women tend to make excuses for men and put the blame on their fellow women.

I have a friend whose current ex cheated on her sometime this year, she later met the woman he cheated on her with, refused to talk to her and later confided in me as to how she hated her, despite not knowing her. I don’t mean to sound insensitive but men hardly ever develop meaningless feuds over women. Truth is, you might be judging her while she is busy judging you and both of you end up despising one other for something that was neither your fault nor hers. At the end of the day; you never know what she was told. Chances are, your man was telling her he is done with you and genuinely giving her promises to take her to the moon and back. A common phrase my mother loved to use is ‘Flee from the devil and he shall flee from you’; well if your significant other had ignored the other party long enough she would have gotten the point. By virtue of the fact that she held on to whatever it is/was they had, means she was being given something to hold on to. And with the simple understanding that she was not in a relationship with you and not committed to you makes whatever she did ‘nothing personal’.

You will argue that she should have known better and that you would never do that to another woman but the only thing you are doing is acting like that woman did you wrong and letting that cheating partner of yours get away scot free.  If your man is a cheat then it never has anything to do with the other woman; it has everything to do with his inability to keep it in his pants. Unless the woman was your friend initially, because then she would have actually betrayed your trust; take the high road and make her your friend. Sit back, have coffee and genuinely get her side of the story. You already have something in common, bad taste in men…so if you’re wondering what you will talk about; start with that. If she still wants to pursue things with him, let her. You know you deserve better; the rest stops being your business. If he wasn’t cheating on you with her, he would still be cheating on you with someone else. So give the other woman a break, for all I know the ‘other woman’ is a relative term in this case and you might be surprised to discover that you are actually the ‘other woman’ to the ‘other woman’.  To get a make perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views – http://goo.gl/P4nZRA 

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