Female Perspective on Being Single By Lillian Sudi

Female Perspective on Being Single Well it’s raining single women; beautiful,...

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Female Perspective on Being Single

Lillian ATBTVWell it’s raining single women; beautiful, educated single women. They drive the best cars, dine in the finest restaurants and live in exclusive neighborhoods; classy girls with elegant features, impeccable style and very much single and ready to mingle.

 With everyone talking about female empowerment we have come to realize that we can have just as much out of our careers as men do. We don’t just want to raise a family anymore; we want it all. So we study, get those papers, start our own companies, get those promotions and became all the world said we couldn’t be,’ go getters’. But while our careers flourish, most of us seem to live lonely lives. Well my aunt says don’t lower your standards just because no one matches up to them, but the truth is; the more you progress the harder it is to find someone who is your ‘equal’.

A lot of emphasis has been put on empowering the girl child and I tend to think the boy child has somewhat been left behind. As we are busy trying to make ideal women out of our girls we fail to mould the men into ideal figures for them. Are parents raising future husbands and fathers with as much zeal as they are in molding girls into future mothers and wives?

Someone once told me that the best apples are the ones at the top of the tree, and therefore if no one plucks them…no one deserves them. Low hanging fruit are in plenty and easily accessible hence we should rejoice in being single. She was trying to make me feel good about my status at that point but I honestly don’t believe anyone’s relationship status can ever be perceived as an achieved. However, as much as I know that being single has its own advantages and we love being in control of our lives, a time will come when the parents constantly ask for you to bring someone home because all your friends will either be married, pregnant or both.

Women are becoming more aware about their capabilities and expecting more out of the men in their lives. Most women would rather stay home and numb the loneliness with a shot of tequila than stay in unfulfilling relationships. It’s not just about the title anymore; women have come to expect more out of relationships. But with the few men ready to meet those expectations, women have an overwhelming feeling to avoid getting into situation-ships that will waste their time. And despite our inner default setting of meeting a suitable spouse and raising our own families, most women are less likely to settle for less than what they believe they deserve. To get a male perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views http://goo.gl/aWpE0U

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