CV TIP – Use Power Action Verbs in your CV & Cover Letter

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People want to hire ACTION men/women i.e. people who get things done rather than wait to be told.

Verbs give your CV power and direction.   In other words, use strong, active verbs that present your skills and abilities in a few words by using quantitative and precise achievements and results. See examples below:

  1. Boosted sales revenue from KSh 100,000 to KSh 2 million in two years
  2. Increased customer satisfaction levels from 20% to 60%
  3. Developed dynamic staff motivation program that produced record-setting performance increases resulting in xxx.

See examples below for list of action verbs to use in your CV and covering letters: Attained, chaired, developed, directed, organised, improved, increased, produced, supervised, strengthened, developed, formulated, negotiated, approved, arranged, compiled, generated, implemented, monitored, organised, prepared, evaluated, identified, built, devised, engineered, repaired, solved, trained, advised, coordinated, facilitated, initiated, instructed, managed, planned, created, established, integrated, introduced, revitalised, guided, represented… this list goes on and on but you get the message …

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