FEMALE PERSPECTIVE By Lillian Sudi ‘On Why Women love Shopping’

On Why Women love Shopping Well every time I walk into a shopping mall, I honestly want to try on...

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On Why Women love Shopping

Well every time I walk into a shopping mall, I honestly want to try on everything on display. It excites me; I get that adrenaline rush from picking everything and just get a kick from envisioning myself in the items for some time. I simply love it and find the whole experience therapeutic on so many levels.

Picture this, I am having a bad day, I walk into a shopping mall, spot a sassy suit, try it on and instantly feel like a CEO even if it is just for a short while. I might be dead broke but just for that one minute, I actually feel like a million bucks. Someone once told me that women shop, men buy; I couldn’t agree more. We love the thrill of trying on new things and finding the best fit for us. It takes our mind off our problems and for that short time, our minds are fixed on reinventing ourselves through our closets and other general items.

Every time I go to the store with a list of items I intend to purchase, I often get there and spot something I had absolutely no intention of buying but I can think of a million uses for it in my life. That is what shopping is all about, going in to make a purchase with an open mind. Trying out different things; we might just bump into the best thing we never knew we needed like a cute vase that would look great in the sparse and empty corner of our living room, despite the fact we had never envisioned a vase being there before. Or, we discover that cocktail dress that we may need the next time we are asked out on a date.

There is also the fuss over women looking just right and with so much variety to hand, we are spoilt for choice and somehow, we feel we just have to try everything on and get the very best the market has to offer. Surely it would be rude not too? They do say after all, that ‘variety is the spice of life’ and this very variety creates the need to reinvent ourselves regularly and therefore, the need to try out every possible item. How can you not absolutely love that?

Women have a tendency to feel different on different days, depending on their hormones or simply, how they woke up that morning. Shopping takes care of that. We have all heard a lady with a closet of clothes bigger than our kitchen space standing paranoid in her dressing room because she simply has nothing to wear that day. Well, what she means to say is, that she has scrutinised her wardrobe but cannot find anything to wear that matches her mood for that day, hence the need to purchase a new outfit. Three dresses might look the same to someone scanning your closet however, you know they all have different uses:  one hides your belly better, the other brings out your eyes because of the detail on the collar, while the last one has a classy effect to it because of its stylish buttons.

When we bring in ancient biological traits; women would naturally gather fruit and herbs while men went out to hunt. Women needed that keen eye on detail to avoid gathering poisonous plants. They were also generally familiar with the alluring colorful nature of the environment. Women had the luxury of being picky with their selection because of variety. Men simply went out with the aim of hunting the first animal they spotted and therefore, the lack of fuss when it came to detail and color. They get up, go to the store with the aim of simply purchasing an item, purchase it and leave. Women however get to a store with a mission i.e . look good for an event, buy mugs for the house or in ancient times, gather fruits for her home. As much as they have a sketchy idea of exactly what they want, there is always variety and of course, flexibility i.e you may go shopping with the intention of buying saucepans but return home with three dresses.

Variety gets women very excited because they have a choice of redefining the final product a gazillion times before they eventually settle on that one perfect item. That makes shopping most ladies go to activity when they need some excitement on a dull day. To get a male perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Mitch’s views  http://goo.gl/aTud9s

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