On What Men Hate About MakeUp To start off with, let us first define what make up actually means. Make up...

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  On What Men Hate About MakeUp

To start off with, let us first define what make up actually means. Make up basically means the application of cosmetics to enhance the appearance of someone and generally consists of mixtures of chemical compounds some of which are derived from natural sources (such as coconut oil), while other makeup is synthetic.

Some guys don’t realize that often the faces they see of attractive women (such as celebrities), have a tonne of makeup on with some even using photo shop to further enhance their looks. There is nothing “natural” about many photos of celebrities. Things are often, not what they seem; good makeup after all, is and should be “invisible” and therefore harder to detect.  Many women may look “natural” when in actual fact, they are actually wearing make-up. The trick is therefore one of finding the right balance.

Men also have a very basic understanding of makeup and will think of makeup simply in terms of color on the lips, color on the eyes, fake eye lashes, etc. while many remain oblivious to the more subtle makeup techniques which include face contouring.

 I have also heard men say that they hate makeup because it is expensive, the routine of putting it on and taking it off takes too long and also that they are often surprised to see a girl’s face change when the makeup is removed. 

Yes, there are men who truly prefer natural over a made-up face and this is perfectly understandable. The foundation of a good relationship should not be based on the foundation you use on your face.

A piece of advice for the ladies – while I appreciate it is exciting to get dolled up once in a while, try and make sure you are still recognizable. There is a thin line which should be avoided – the right amount of makeup can enhance your natural beauty, however too much and you can turn into a drag queen who is almost unrecognizable the next morning. Guys may not know a lot about makeup but their pillowcase the next morning will tell them whether you are wearing makeup and may reveal the extent to which you are makeup dependant.  So, enhance your beauty by all means, but remember, not many men like to see a face which has too much makeup. To get a male perspective on this topic, please click link to read my colleague Mitchell’s  views – http://goo.gl/4CfJ8F  

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