In the tropical rain forest, across the Himalayas, deep in the Savanna grasslands, for most species, to woo a female, often...

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 In the tropical rain forest, across the Himalayas, deep in the Savanna grasslands, for most species, to woo a female, often the male counterpart is involved in a series of sideshows; some creatures dance, others spread their wings, while others tussle until the stronger species is allowed to perpetuate his genes to the next generation.

Humans are often no different. There are particular distinct features and accessories that seemingly appear to make a man’s future more promising and increase his prospects when looking for a woman to date. A car is one of them.

Not to say you then borrow to do so. Absolutely not but the perception surrounding a gentleman in possession of a car is that he is more responsible as an adult and I bet you he is more likely to land himself a Yes if he were competing for the same woman with a gentleman that navigates his way around life always walking on twos. Gentlemen, you know what they say: “He who walks, walks alone!”

There are several other metrics that pass as measures to improve a gentleman’s rating as far as female attraction is concerned. While owning a car may not necessarily make it in to the top ten list of attributes, this may vary from person to person. Truth be told though, it is a good accessory, it is often more a classic additional “nice to have” especially for the mature man.

By all means, for very good reasons, there are many attractive men out there who do not necessarily own vehicles, while there are immature boys who cruise around with the latest car models. All in all, there are additional parameters that go into making a man attractive as a suitable partner although one has to acknowledge, for a minority of women, a man with a car has a strong chance.

Whatever your taste, whatever your opinion, understand your situation, know what you are going after and go get it. A strong assertive man who knows what he wants and has focus, is a far more attractive trait to a woman, than a simple man with a car. So, until we meet again, Welcome to a man’s world. I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo.     To get a female perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague Lucy’s views –  

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