MIKE MUTHIGA – CEO of Fatboy Animations

26-year-old Mike Muthiga is CEO of Fatboy Animations and the man behind Faiba fame. ...

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Mike Muthiga 126-year-old Mike Muthiga is CEO of Fatboy Animations and the man behind Faiba fame.  Mike is one of the most sought after men in animations.  He has always had the passion for animation but society pressure led him to pursue engineering. Initially, Mike followed the traditional career path after leaving High School, and completed an engineering degree although he explains that the well kindled  animation passion was cemented at Alliance when he took the Art and Design option. After working with the BBC & Disney channels in the popular TingaTinga Tales animation production (Citizen TV), Mike, together with his friend Sen Kanyare,   set up Fat Boy Animations. an animation company with an aim to provide content for the advertising and entertainment industry.  Mike had set out to make Ksh 1 million but exceeded that when he made Ksh 3 million and has not looked back since. His client list includes Safaricom and Barclays Bank (dancing ATM).

Mike has appeared on Young Rich and will be sharing his story at the AfricaTalentbank.com (ATB)  Entrepreneur Bootcamp on Friday, 31 July 2015 (8.30am to 4pm), New Hall, St Andrews Church, State House Rd. EVERYONE welcome. Click link for details incl. ticketshttp://goo.gl/W8F0lI

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