Where do you even begin? This is someone you once loved but your love for  them has gone sour. You harbor mixed feelings towards...

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Where do you even begin? This is someone you once loved but your love for  them has gone sour. You harbor mixed feelings towards them. A combination of hatred coupled with rage and anger, yet the brain is still stimulated with a portion of your heart wishing you could mend things and get back together.  How then can you even remain friends with such a person?

The soul can get punctured but the heart my friend, can get torn apart. When two persons in love go their separate ways, I think it is important to maintain a distance and get all the help you can, so that comfort and time may takes its course.

Love is addictive and can get destructive if abused. We know of persons who have gone through emotional roller coasters
almost twenty heartbreaks yet they are barely eighteen, seven perhaps from the same person, tonnes of ups and downs. Terrible

I think when two persons break up, they should go their separate ways and maintain minimal contact, if any. It is difficult to see a person with whom you were once emotionally attached, solely as a friend. We know of situations where  four, maybe six years later, one’s heart still skips a beat when their ex is  mentioned. This thing called love, do not awaken it before its time.

If you co-founded a business together during the rosy days of your relationship, then you need some therapy to ensure you are objective when making business decisions lest you be of detriment to your organization. In extreme cases, give up your shareholding, one of you ought to be willing to sell their stake. It can get that rough.

People struggle with feelings of loneliness, stagnation to an extent,  they stalk their exes, sometimes three months later, as one partner starts to feel jealous that the other has moved on and is probably dating someone else. I hear it’s hard especially when this ex is your first love. The heart is jealous because it feels someone else is occupying its rightful abode.

My personal opinion is, that exes should not be friends at all. My belief is that everyone should move on and mind their own business.  Until we meet again. Welcome to a man’s world. From Mitchell Odhiambo.  To get a female perspective on this, please click link to read my colleague, Lucy’s perspective –

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