Male Perspective – On why a crush feels so good yet hurts so much. By Mitchell Odhiambo

 They are innocent they are silly, yet they happen to the best of us and sure as hell, it’s a whole lot of fun. You...

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 They are innocent they are silly, yet they happen to the best of us and sure as hell, it’s a whole lot of fun. You meet someone for the first time, and whoa just like that, they send chills down your spine, you look at them once again (and especially if she looks back at you), you feel butterflies in your stomach, dude you got yourself a crush right there.

It’s obvious when your friends inquire you deny it and brush it off  “it’s a simple attraction, I’ll get over it, nothing big” deep inside you know it’s a lie. That woman just confused the elements out of your mental faculties. Your heart is in your mouth and you don’t have the guts to talk about it.

You start having imaginary conversations, imaginary retreats, someone needs to smack your head to bring you back to reality. It’s sweet, it’s fun, it’s like a drug and from what I gather it happens with the worst of persons, your best friend’s girlfriend, your boss’ daughter. That’s a whole lot of pain especially where it can or should almost not happen.

You always fancy their company yet when situation presents itself you are gasping for breath; the irony of life. You often wonder who has bewitched you. Are her charms really this deceptive? You considered yourself old, experienced and wise but one moment with this girl and you feel like an adolescent, inexperienced and naive at this thing called love. Love is a mystery.

When you have a crush on someone, lock your eyes then look away and secretly observe her body language. If she keeps looking at you, she’s available and interested. Lock your eyes once more and go in at once. Deal with whatever outcome and accept that is your fate. If she is not interested though, get a life. Go out for a meal with your boys, feast over it, take some time re-evaluate and re-enter the market. You’ll find someone else out here.

Until we meet again. Welcome to a man’s world By Mitchell Odhiambo. To get a female perspective, please click link to read my colleague Lucy’s views

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