MICROSOFT STUDENT PARTNER RECRUITMENT DRIVE FOR STUDENTS Microsoft is currently running a recruitment drive for the Microsoft Student Partner program in the...

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Microsoft is currently running a recruitment drive for the Microsoft Student Partner program in the East Africa Region. The company is looking for students with a passion for technology and a desire to share that passion with other students on their campus. The Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) program offers technical training, incredible connections, and extraordinary opportunities. We expose new Microsoft technologies to MSPs around the world. You merit sneak peeks at development tools, and industry-defining software applications. In turn, we ask MSPs to inspire their peers by sharing and promoting these new technologies and benefits on campus. 

                                                                     WHAT WILL YOU DO AS AN MSP?

  1. As an MSP, you’ll be informed about the latest Microsoft technologies.
  2. You will acquire the tools and training to lead technology discussions on your campus.
  3. You will demonstrate the newest technologies, host tech events, and connect with like-minded students and faculty.
  4. You will lead the Microsoft Student Community at your campus.
  5. You will work closely with Microsoft and the other MSPs, and build an important network of contacts.
  6. You will get a proof of your MSP participation that can be used when you apply for work.

  AFRICATALENTBANK.COM (ATB) TIPS TO PREPARE YOU BEFORE YOU START THE MSP APPLICATION FORM When you fill in the MSP application form, you will be asked a number of questions most of which should be straight forward. However, some may require some careful thought and one question asks for you to video record yourself  – ATB can assist you by enabling you to record yourself via our video platform. We would recommend therefore, that you read the information below, BEFORE clicking the link to commence your MSP application form.  Please prepare for the Microsoft questions below:

  1. What technologies or technology trends are you most excited about and why?
  2.  Think about a creative project idea to engage and motivate students on your campus to build apps. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Please describe your idea and how you would go about implementing it.
  3. Please create a video addressing the following prompt: Why should we select you to be an MSP? Elaborate on technical skills, events you’ve been involved with, and why you believe you can become a Microsoft ambassador on your campus.  Please provide the link to your video, and please keep video submissions to 1 minute or less. NOTE – if you wish to use the ATB video platform to record your 1 minute video, please email ATB at: [email protected] and we will send you a link. You will simply press this link, record yourself, click stop and we will send you this link to paste on to the MSP application form.


To apply please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Please complete the online application form. See link below

Step 2: Once you complete the form, click the Submit button and it will be sent to Microsoft for review.

Step 3: Join the MSP Program Facebook Page  and share with your friends

Step 4:   CLICK HERE to access MSP Application form 2015-2016   

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