Is it ok to use your phone while out on a date? Absolutely not. On this...

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Mitchell OdhiamboIs it ok to use your phone while out on a date? Absolutely not. On this matter there is no grey area. Gentlemen, to do so may have graveyard consequences. I believe ladies appreciate it when we keep our mobile phones on airplane mode while out on a date. Don’t you?

Gentlemen have a challenge with a foreign concept called multitasking, we try nevertheless. I have heard female friends who have told me to switch off my phone or engage airplane mode when talking to them. I can only imagine how much more it would annoy them if we were out on a date.

My advice to all men. If you planned to use your phone while out with a woman, you should have stayed at home.  Don’t give the woman ideas that anything is more important than her, at that time. Show her you are willing to sacrifice, otherwise you will remain single for the rest of your life engaged to that mobile phone of yours.

Personally, I don’t mind occasionally if she picks her handset but I know the value that comes with honour. That my friend, is how to earn key points especially if you intend to marry her.  Don’t risk it.

I have observed that omen tend to ask themselves far more questions than men and she could easily interpret your phone picking to imply her company is boring and just like at a click of a finger,  you have earned your way out of her life. “Not worth her time”

Suspend all operations and try your best to focus on her and her stories over the next hr or so. She can talk a lot believe me and find a mechanism to remember all she says. I know its tough but you got to find a way. You will earn her respect and possibly have a fruitful relationship.

Until we speak again over the next topic. Welcome to a man’s world.   From Mitchell Odhiambo  To get a female perspective on this, please click link to my colleague Marilyne’s post – 

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