Why Women Should Cook for their Men – By Mitchell Odhiambo

 There is just something so attractive and wonderful about a woman who can create all...

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Mitchell Odhiambo There is just something so attractive and wonderful about a woman who can create all the things    that your stomach craves. Gentlemen, If you find one, wife her.

 This should come as no surprise. Men love women who can cook. We fancy different personalities, diverse physiques, multiple abilities but we agree on this one thing. We all love a woman who can cook.  No one wants a wife who has no idea where the kitchen door is. Who wants to eat in a hotel all year round? Tell me if you know.

 Or even worse a woman who walks into the kitchen and you hear her sing “This life is not my  own.” That is disheartening. You are almost sure she will come out of that kitchen with burnt offerings. The sages of old got it, the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.When a woman mentions she can cook but she doesn’t or rarely does, keenly observe the suitor’s response, look keenly into his eyes, you will see his interest dip south so acutely.  This woman who was once very attractive just transitioned into a fairly attractive lady and just like that is relegated to position seven or eight.

Cooking for a man makes his world spin around.  After a long day at the office managing his employees, reporting to his boss, engaging his partners, clashing with his competitors, he will look forward to  reunite with she that plays the strings of his heart. 
Give him that and I promise you, he will prepare food the next day and you will see a lot of Singapore, Malaysia, Paris and Timbuktu. The reward for your labour of love.

Men are increasingly making the best chefs, improving their culinary abilities back at home. I can promise you unless a man is crazy give him two beautiful women to choose from whose only difference is culinary expertise, no one will choose the non cooker.

My advice to all the ladies in the house, let’s do this. Let us champion this cause. Cook for your men.
Welcome to a man’s world .  From Mitchell Odhiambo  Check out my colleague Bryl’s post titled: WHY MEN SHOULD COOK FOR THEIR LADIES


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