It takes just an extra degree of heat to change water to steam. This steam is then able to turn turbines and propel steam ships, an ability...

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It takes just an extra degree of heat to change water to steam. This steam is then able to turn turbines and propel steam ships, an ability that water does not have in it liquid state. A unit of energy makes all the difference. Do you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fear? Does possibility stir up zest in you as much as the thought of impossibility does?

Average is real, it is comfortable, it is safe and familiar; it is ‘what everyone is doing anyway’. We constantly want to get out but the energy to get out is less than the fear to try an alternative. We want the same education, the same careers, the same car, the same lifestyle and sadly the same life story written in same eulogy format. We look at those who have managed to stand out as super humans of some kind, having some ability that we lack. However, the truth is that we are all exceptional, in some way, we all are. We have the ability to step out of being ordinary and becoming the subject in the story. The difference between that person you look up to and you is the fact that they have simply realized that they are exceptional. That new product someone came up with was from ordinary ideas.

A crippled Brazilian sculptor with no arms and legs was able to carve all Old Testament prophets. The work he did was given a global recognition by being accredited among the original Seven Wonders of the World. This man seemed disadvantaged but he recognized that he indeed was exceptional in his own way. Life is full of challenges but you have the power to meet and overcome them. I once read somewhere that if you can or you can’t it is all up to you. Do not deliver assignments the same way everyone does, go an extra mile and do something different. Do not have your C.V written the same way everyone writes it. Be exceptional in small matters and big matters will follow suit. Being exceptional comes with having a firm stand. Not everyone is pleased to see you challenge the status quo because competition is a part of life. Eleanor Roosevelt used to say, ‘No one can make me feel inferior without my permission’. Persist on being different, few people will join you on the road to success, many want to share in the joy of the destination.

Eagles do not fly with crows or pigeons. They fly at very high altitudes with other eagles where there is little competition and friction. There they are able to spot their prey from a far off. They are not threatened by success, in fact, they are attracted to it. Be exceptional today, go the extra mile; success waits ahead.

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