We are living in a very fast changing world and things are no longer the way they used to be. Many of the...

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We are living in a very fast changing world and things are no longer the way they used to be. Many of the tasks previously done manually, have now gone digital and this has greatly changed the landscape of employment and doing business. It is no longer about the big titles but rather, the value that you add in the corporation you work for, the institution in which you study or the social and religious community that you live in.

The quick thinkers realized this ages ago and started building themselves and their brands, along these parameters and today we can see the fruits of their labour. And as it is with constructing a house, few get to see its foundation, only the finished product in a wide array of paint hues. Many people will speak about the magnificent masterpiece of the house or block of flats but they do not know what work went on down there, in the foundation. It’s easy to assume that it was all a roller coaster event but it is not. This is the same notion that is affecting many people today, especially young people who are starting out in life.

There is a group of people they idolize and they want to start today and be successful by tomorrow. It’s as if they wish to leap frog all the years of grit and hard sweat that is required for one to achieve success in a clean way. This is a dangerous illusion and has left many a young person, frustrated, disappointed and heart broken when they get to the field and realize that it’s not what they expected. They seem perplexed by the realisation that the many successful people have had to dig a lot of dirt, move a lot of rocks, and nurse many blisters to get to where they are today. There was and is no, overnight success when it comes to clean success.  Their journey was one painful step at a time but with their eyes keenly focused on their goal.

As I conclude, allow me to share a famous and popular Chinese proverb “A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.” I wish we could all do this practically, be ready to make those small but continuous baby-steps towards our goals. Remember that one step in front of the other will finally get you to the top of the mountain; just don’t lose your focus. Be ready to make those baby steps and before you realize it, you will be at the apex of your career or business. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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