"Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard" ~Tim Notke.   These words carry a lot of weight and I would say...

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“Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard” ~Tim Notke.   These words carry a lot of weight and I would say are quite profound.

It’s a common and agreeable fact, that all of us are born with talent. It is also true that talent can help one achieve very high levels of success in life. That said, herein ends the rosy picture in terms of the correlation between talent and success.

I have witnessed many highly talented people live a life of misery and failure simply because they thought that talent alone would get them to wherever they wanted to be in life. This is a very dangerous notion and one which should be avoided at all costs.

Hard work is the hallmark of all successful people and it can never be wished away. Every time a person applies for a position in any company or governmental institution, they will always be required to have a certain level of work experience mainly measured in years. For talent to bring one the success levels that we all so much yearn for, there has to be a positive action and that action is called work.

Nobody is yet to invent a “lift to success” whether in school, at work, or even in social and family matters. There remains only one sure way which has been tried and tested and been proven to be highly effective. The only thing one needs to add is patience, perseverance and a positive attitude. Nobody will ever call you to defend or account for your success so long as hard work was, or is, the main ingredient.

A word of advice to all, especially young people: Gambling or Sponsors is not the road map to success. Working or studying “horizontally” will neither give you a promotion nor good grades in school but hard work will never go unnoticed. Prove yourself worthy by working your way to success and never try to substitute hard work with those shortcuts. See you at the top. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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