Imagine you are a student revising for your final exams or you simply want quiet time for reflection or relaxation but your next...

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Imagine you are a student revising for your final exams or you simply want quiet time for reflection or relaxation but your next door neighbour is having a party? Such a scenario will make it very difficult for you to concentrate. Common sense dictates that you look for a quiet serene place mostly a park or near a cool flowing stream where the natural vegetation has not been disturbed – any where but a bar.

While these scenarios may be a bit extreme, our lesson today has very close semblance to the above examples. When we were young, we had no limits in terms of the things we thought we could achieve. Our thoughts could run wild and nothing was too difficult for our young minds and in reality, this is how all human beings were created to be. We were created to be limitless and this has been proved many times over. Sadly though, as we grew older, the “noises” around us slowly destroy this ‘Can Do’ spirit.

For us to have a realistic chance of success in life, we need to reclaim this ability to return to an age of innocence but this requires the right environment for it is not possible to improve while still surrounded by the same people and events that robed us of this ability. It is important to note that if you are exposed to something long enough, you soon get used to it and it soon becomes your norm. If you spend too much time among mediocre people, you too will soon become mediocre. If we keep the company of negative people, we too will soon contract the same attitudes. It is usually difficult, indeed almost impossible, to change or to influence change in an environment unless one is conscious enough to know what one’s purpose is.

As such,we need to be careful and selective as to who we spend time with since they form part of our environment and the things they continuously speak once in our minds, form our thought patterns. Our thought patterns have a direct influence on our destiny. If you find yourself in a toxic environment by virtue of being your school or work environment or even in your religious gathering, it is good to be taking time off to be with your self; what many refer to as “Me” time.

This will help you evaluate your progress in life and if there has been a slump somewhere, you will be in a position to rectify this and put up preventive measures. My parting shot is simple: If you believe your environment is negatively affecting you, don’t fear to walk away. Remember this is your life, this is your game, this is your play and you are the main character. Play it well and play to win. Don’t allow the outside to affect your inside.  To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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