Female & Male Perspectives on HOW WE VIEW THE WORLD By Mercy Karumba & Mitchell Odhiambo

Female Perspective By Mercy Karumba  -  A study by Dr Felix Mercer Moss proves that while women and men inhabit the same world, their...

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Female Perspective By Mercy Karumba  –  A study by Dr Felix Mercer Moss proves that while women and men inhabit the same world, their visual representation of things is very different and this, in turn, colours an individual’s perception of the world and, in turn, the information they seek and the places they look. This can be backed up by the fact that, where men see colours in very basic terms;  red, blue, green, etc. women on the other hand, are able to view the same colours on a wider spectrum such as turquoise blue, brick-red, mint-green, baby-blue, coral-red and so forth. Women are able to identify different patterns in a fabric, while most men may not.

Women tend to integrate their feelings and emotions to things around them while men tend to take things at face value. That is why we often say that women have a sixth sense, they see and feel beyond what is there. A woman will easily identify the need or problem in a particular scenario without much detail; she will tend to identify when another lady is hitting on her man who may be taking it as mere friendship gestures. A woman will be able to differentiate the cry of a baby and whether it is sleep, hunger, discomfort etc.

This is a very big strength for the female gender and we often talk about the ‘mother’s instincts’ and rarely the ‘father’s instincts’. However, as we say, everything has its other side,  the downside to it would be that sometimes we tend to overthink issues beyond what they really are and may at times, overreact to circumstances.  Wisdom is therefore critical as we view issues around us.  Do you agree? Also check out my colleague’s piece on the male perspective below.

Male Perspective By Mitch Odhiambo – Women are more detailed and view the world on a wider spectrum including colours. While a man will just see blue, a woman will see turquoise, baby blue, pink etc. I think this is an indication of our logic and how we process life. Women tend to be more emotional and often take their time to integrate their feelings with matters that surround them. Men on the other hand, tend to be logical and very straight forward. Whenever there is a problem, it is there to be solved and the default response is to deliberate on possible solutions and then lay the issue to rest.

Not so with women, they will want to talk over it and in the process, walk themselves into solving it. Other times they don’t even arrive at a solution nor are they seeking it, they are just happy to have spoken it out. Truly to women more than men, a problem shared is a problem half solved. We are so distinct in our world views, take for instance, wedding planning; I have found in most cases the wedding day is such a huge thing for the bride, while to the groom, not so much. Very interesting to think about. Often the groom will do everything in his power to give the bride, the wedding of her dreams, otherwise if it were totally up to the groom’s desires, it’s funny to imagine how flat and bland weddings would often end up.

I think at the core, this is why women’s clothes are much cheaper and readily available as opposed to men’s. Their desires are so versatile and change so frequently, the manufactures will readily mass produce with a high turnover. Men’s outfits on the other hand, are rather more expensive since men do not buy clothes as frequently and therefore, prices must correspond to the lower turnover.  We see it again in men shopping for multipurpose products, while women will have one lotion for the face, another for the elbow and knees and then another for the body. It really is amazing.  Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s new world.

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