So I recently had a "Green Wave" day - everything went to plan; from household errands, work projects, meetings, gym workout targets, completing...

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So I recently had a “Green Wave” day – everything went to plan; from household errands, work projects, meetings, gym workout targets, completing boring excel spreadsheet calculations, good news about a family member getting better, traffic lights turning green as I approached, even an attempt at baking a cake for a family member, came out on top. I felt on top of the world. I was tempted to pat myself on the back and take it easy for a day or two – after all, I was ahead of schedule so I now had lots of rest time and the weekend had not even started.

However, the more progress I made, the more tasks I undertook – including projects I had been postponing. Why? Because a little voice inside me reminded me that for every Green Wave day that we have, there are 3 times as many Red Wave days and that what I achieved on these Green Wave days, would be what would strengthen me on the Red Wave days, when the universe refuses to cooperate and everything goes belly up. It’s a bit like having a fruit tree in the garden which produces many fruits and we let them fall to the ground and rot. What a waste! A clever person will never ignore, throw or let surplus food rot. Instead, s/he will either share them, or dry the fruits, pickle them, make chutney or jam for the days and weeks ahead.   

How many times have we watched friends or family members squander opportunities? They secure a job, make good money but don’t bother to save, invest or start a small business assuming they will always have a job? Perhaps it is someone young who wastes their life eating unhealthily, not exercising,  not learning new skills online, watching too much TV or wasting time as a troll on social media, when instead, they could use the smart phone they were given as a present, to improve their lives? 

The reason why many of us are very vulnerable when the Red Wave arrives is often because we did not prepare ourselves well, during the Green Wave. When good things were happening, we assumed that luck would continue. We assumed the rest of our lives would be filled with Green Waves. We did not put aside money for sickness, unemployment or emergencies.When friends or family members advised us to do so, we pushed them aside, citing jealousy as their motive and reasons as to why they did not want to see us happy. Well my friend, enjoy the Green Wave but don’t be a fool by thinking the lights will always be Green. Plant lots of seeds and work double as hard when things go well, for the seeds that you plant during the good times, are what will withstand you in challenging times when the Red Wave returns and the going gets tough.  To read more posts by Miriam, click HERE

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