‘EITHER ADD VALUE MY FRIEND, OR I’M OUT’ Male Perspective By Mitchell Odhiambo

Men got no chill and that makes us almost the most rational gender when it comes to certain issues including whether we pursue...

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Men got no chill and that makes us almost the most rational gender when it comes to certain issues including whether we pursue or continue a friendship. Beyond a particular age, men will tell you either verbally or through their actions that you can only be their friend, if you add value to their lives: ‘AR make them money or make them happy. Period. Anything else is not relevant.

Men don’t care how you perceive their actions, I can promise you this; they are living their lives for themselves and for their families. During teenage years, they could entertain small talk and conversations for the sake of conversation however, past 21, everything changes, even time set aside for small talk fizzles out.

A typical conversation takes the form of “Yoo bro” “Wassup” and here’s your chance to deliver your elevator pitch to enable him to assess whether you’re worth engaging with or otherwise. This explains why men may meet after a decade of not seeing each other and they simply fist bump, wink at each other, nod a head and that’s it. “Catch you later bro” “There’s my card. Call me when you have something to talk about”

As you age, life takes a different perspective and you only have time for important things. You become mean with your time; no one else is allowed to waste it, only you. Throughout history, friendships have suffered as a consequence. If a man checks up on you, replies to your conversations, is welcoming to you, take them seriously. You are certainly worth more to them than you realize.

Truth be told, however; women are dealt with on a different threshold. The yardstick is not the same. As a woman, you have more chance to make an impression on a man and you will get away with things a fellow man would never get away with. If you don’t prove your worth though, he will not hesitate to relegate you to an acquaintance or worse, stranger. I will promise you that. Check your phonebook and determine for yourself, what percentage of those people do you speak with every month? Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective, on this, please read my colleague Mercy’s views HERE

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