A story is told about a shop owner who placed a sign above his door that said: “Puppies For Sale.”

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A story is told about a shop owner who placed a sign above his door that said: “Puppies For Sale.

Signs like this always have a way of attracting young children, and to no surprise, a boy saw the sign and approached the owner; “How much are you going to sell the puppies for?” he asked.

The store owner replied, “Anywhere from $30 to $50.”

The little boy pulled out some change from his pocket. “I have $2.37,” he said. “Can I please look at them?”

The shop owner smiled and whistled. Out of the kennel came Lady, who ran down the aisle of his shop followed by five teeny, tiny balls of fur. One puppy was lagging considerably behind. Immediately the little boy singled out the lagging, limping puppy and said, “What’s wrong with that little dog?”

The shop owner explained that the veterinarian had examined the little puppy and had discovered it didn’t have a hip socket. It would always limp. It would always be lame.

The little boy became excited. “That is the puppy that I want to buy.”

The shop owner said, “No, you don’t want to buy that little dog. If you really want him, I’ll just give him to you.”

The little boy got quite upset. He looked straight into the store owner’s eyes, pointing his finger, and said;

“I don’t want you to give him to me. That little dog is worth every bit as much as all the other dogs and I’ll pay full price. In fact, I’ll give you $2.37 now, and 50 cents a month until I have him paid for.”

The shop owner countered, “You really don’t want to buy this little dog. He is never going to be able to run and jump and play with you like the other puppies.”

To his surprise, the little boy reached down and rolled up his pant leg to reveal a badly twisted, crippled left leg supported by a big metal brace. He looked up at the shop owner and softly replied, “Well, I don’t run so well myself, and the little puppy will need someone who understands!”


Quite touching isn’t it? How many times just like the dog or the boy, we have weaknesses that we know that no one actually understands? On the flip side, how many times have we become judgemental like the shopkeeper and concluded that a person is not worthy because they have a disability or a weakness?

Every person, no matter how weak or not important they seem, have something to offer to the world. The boy proved that even if the puppy had an issue with the hip-socket like the other puppies, he would be the puppy he wanted because they simply understood each other. Not only that, he would be willing to pay the full price to have the puppy.

You may look at your friends and think that they have the world working out for them. You may look at your siblings and feel like the black sheep of the family. You may feel like the only single person in your clique and you wonder if you will get your soul-mate one day. No matter your imperfection or weakness, no matter how much people look down at you, YOU ARE WORTH THE FULL PRICE AND YOU HAVE A LOT TO OFFER. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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