‘LET GO OF THE NUTS’ By Mercy Karumba

I am reminded of a very interesting concept that I believe has lots of lessons for us today, 'How they catch Monkeys in...

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I am reminded of a very interesting concept that I believe has lots of lessons for us today, ‘How they catch Monkeys in India’.

The monkey-hunters place a box with an opening just small enough for the monkey to slide in. Inside the box, nuts are placed. The monkey will collect the nuts, and the hand will therefore be a fist. Trying to get out of the box will be difficult with the hand as a fist, and the monkey therefore has two options, either to let go of the nuts and be free, or to hold on to the nuts and be a prisoner in the box.

What choice is more likely to the monkey? Most definitely hold on to the nuts. It looks quite stupid I know looking at the monkey, but you know what? That is the choice we make, more often than not. We become too clingy to people, things, job posts etc without looking at the bigger picture. We value whatever we are holding on to over the ‘freedom’ we may have, by letting go.

The monkey values the nuts at that moment and does not think of the fact that it will be denying itself more opportunities of nuts in the future. Similarly, we are often caught up in situations where we are holding on to things that will end up denying us future opportunities, things that have even have greater value than what we currently have.

We have heard stories about how many entrepreneurs who are multi-millionaires, had to forsake their high-paying jobs to venture into their passion. Others had to quit school and follow what they believed was their calling. Well, I am not advocating for anyone to quit school, all I am saying is, we should be careful about what we are treasuring or clinging on to. Is it really worth it? Is the value worth more than what we will earn if we let go, or is it costing us our freedom and joy?

Are you happy in that relationship or that job? Is there a habit or addiction? I want us to just think deep and evaluate what you have in your hands. Is it preventing you from being in a better position, always making you think that you can never be better? What are those ‘nuts’ you are so dearly holding on to? Take courage and let go of the ‘nuts’ and reclaim your FREEDOM.  With best wishes, from Mercy Karumba. To read more posts by Mercy, click HERE

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