Ever attempted talking to a man while he is watching a football match or following a film? He could almost kill you. We...

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Ever attempted talking to a man while he is watching a football match or following a film? He could almost kill you. We just cannot believe it; how could you? Is this the time really? Don’t you know that we are hardwired to only do one task at a time?

I acknowledge Researchers at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, used MRI scans to measure the brains of 875 volunteers – and found that men’s brains are 14% larger than women’s, however, we are aware of previous research suggesting women’s brains are better organized or process information more efficiently. Read more: http://metro.co.uk/2017/05/08/men-have-bigger-brains-than-women-and-thats-why-men-have-higher-iqs-6622111/#ixzz4m3pisIs7 The evidence thereof is painted all through.

Ever held a conversation with a woman, it’s unbelievable how she just switches from one subject to the next, while you’re left playing catch up. My dear friends, let me tell you a secret, men think in boxes. By the time we’re catching up with the fact that you were talking about your family and are almost settling in there, you have moved on to shoes and then necklaces. When we catch on to necklaces, you are back to your family again after having passed through dresses, parties, outings etc. How is a man supposed to keep up? No wonder, it’s easier for us to relax in our “Nothing Box”. It’s less stress and more artistic. You can enjoy the beauty of nature by watching unbelievably at how she talks. You can admire her beauty and the movement of her lips until of course, she calls you out “You are not listening, Are you?” Then you just parrot the last sentence she said and pray that the heavens have mercy on you.

We cope though. No complaints. We would only ask for minimal interruptions or zero if you can grant that especially when we are doing the things we love. We are not ignoring you because we love you less, give us the benefit of the doubt, it’s a little bit difficult for us to multitask as smoothly as you would. You know how women can feed the baby while watching TV? Well, I swear a man would spill on the kid or miss out on everything said on screen.  Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world.  To get a female perspective on this, please check out my colleague Mercy’s post HERE

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