This life offers so many battles to fight, but one thing you don't have to do is, show up to every argument or fight that...

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This life offers so many battles to fight, but one thing you don’t have to do is, show up to every argument or fight that you are invited to. Sometimes we waste too much time trying to explain or prove who we are to people who frankly, seem committed to misunderstanding us.

Sometimes we feel the need to prove our capability to people. We want to prove how good we are at work as we compete with them, which often results in frustration.

We may be tired of comparison at home and all we do day and night is to make sure people around us know that we are making a life for ourselves when in actual fact, it might not be a battle worth fighting for because those who care, know your capability.

Sometimes we fight battles that make us look like losers even before battle has begun. We may be right and we know it but sometimes peace is far better than being proved right.

” A story is told about a cheetah who was once put in a race with dogs. When the start gun was let off, the race begun. All participants ran out of the cages inspired to win, except the Cheetah stayed put. He did not move an inch and was oblivious to all that was going on around him. When the race coordinator was asked to explain the Cheetah’s action or rather, lack of, he (the race coordinator) replied,” Sometimes trying to prove that you are the best is an insult.” After all, everyone knows that the Cheetah is one of the fastest animals and way faster than a dog, did the Cheetah have to prove that? I bet not!

Yes, some battles are worth fighting for, but these should be all about fighting with truth, logic, and facts as our basis, and most importantly, integrity and ethics intact. Reputation is more important than victory. As we fight for what we are fighting for,  years down the line, we will be proud of our actions? Or will it not be worthwhile? Remember, learn to choose your battles.  Battles not fought are not lost; simply battles not worth fighting for. To get a male perspective on this, read Mitchell’s post HERE

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