‘A NOTE TO SELF’ By Mwangi Ndegwa

It's another bright new day, a day to reflect, a day to imagine, a day to perceive.  I am alive, yes I can breath, I...

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It’s another bright new day, a day to reflect, a day to imagine, a day to perceive.  I am alive, yes I can breath, I can stretch my body and apart from some stiffness from yesterday’s labours, my whole body is well, strong and raring to go, go out out and do things.

Things that will change and impact the world in a good way. But as is the norm, you cannot embark on a journey without proper and prior preparation. I need to pack a few things to help me along in this very important endeavour so here we go.

ATTITUDE: This comes top of my list. It has to be right and positive because if it is not, then it will never get me anywhere in fact, it will pull be backwards.

HOPE: This I will need every single morning. It comes in handy when things seem to be going haywire or falling apart. 

FAITH: This is one item I can never exhaust discussing. It is one that gives me a reason to keep going even when the road seems to reach a dead end. It gives me reason to try one more time, even when common sense is telling me that it is time to wrap up because things will never change. It is one I cannot do without.

ENTHUSIASM: This is like fuel to all my dreams and aspirations. It is that fire in my heart and mind that burns bright when I think about the future.

JOY: This is an inner well that flows from the heart and it keeps my family, friends and acquaintances watered. The world can become a very dry place especially with the crazy things happening in our world today. Joy is like an oasis in the desert

PEACE: The world is moving at dizzying speed and sometimes one feels like you can spin out of control. The noise around us is defeaning and if there is something one needs to survive,then its the inner peace. With this,you can very easily figure out the solutions to the challenges one is facing.

A DOSE OF LAUGHTER: Laughing is therapeutic and it is good to have a good laugh. Some problems just need to be laughed at and they go away. Laughing is therapeutic and it helps the heart and good circulation of the blood.

VISION: To crown all this, I need to have a direction which I am going i and this is given to me by my vision.  It acts like a rudder and a guiding light.

So, I am now set to go out and impact the world.  NO matter which direction your life is heading towards, it is important to pack all the necessary items you need and these differ from person to person. Know where you are going and your purpose. It is only here that you will be in a position to know what you will pack in your bag as you journey along the highway of life. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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