The tongue is a very powerful tool despite its size. It can build or destroy. It can lift or break a heart. Your words have the power...

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The tongue is a very powerful tool despite its size. It can build or destroy. It can lift or break a heart. Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, open hearts, and change the world. Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak – Steven Aitchison

There is a story told about a guy who was really upset with someone in his community, and ended up saying terrible things about him. With time, he regretted what he had said and wanted to fix the situation and put an end to the rumour he had spread. He went to his Rabbi and asked for advice. The Rabbi told him that he should take a pillow filled with feathers and walk around his neighbourhood. Everywhere he went he was to leave a few of the feathers.

So, it was easy enough and the guy did exactly as he was told, and returned to the Rabbi with the pillow empty. The rabbi then told him that he should go back and pick up all the feathers.

We can all guess what happened, he couldn’t pick up all the feathers as they were blown by the wind. This story not only specifically addresses the spreading of rumours and gossip, but it also speaks about the power of the tongue. How often do we speak rudely or insensitively to someone and then wish we could take our words?Countless times!

Sadly when the damage is done, the scar remains, despite the number of times we apologize. The number of times we are mean and shout at our kids just because we are unhappy with their performance in school or behaviour, the wound remains for their lifetime. The number of times we insult our spouses in anger, the scar remains. The number of times as an employer, you allow frustration to set in , and then release your anger on your employee, the scar remains.

On the flip-side, the times we encourage and edify the other person, reminding them how precious they are to us, we plant a seed of love and hope. The moment you remind a friend that they are worth living, you save a life. The moment you remind your child that they are the most precious human being, that is what they will believe for the rest of their lives. The moment you congratulate someone for a job well-done, you propel them on to the next step. Remember, your words can plant gardens or burn forests down – Gemma Troy.  The power is in your tongue!  To get a male perspective on this, check out Mitch’s post HERE

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