On ‘BALANCE FOR BETTER’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

It was international women’s day last week and the theme was 'Balance for Better'. What do you make of that and what does that mean...

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It was international women’s day last week and the theme was ‘Balance for Better’. What do you make of that and what does that mean to you?

For communities to thrive, we need a concerted effort to build economies and social structures that uphold integrity and promote wholesome growth of our men and women.  This makes the future exciting. 

We need to examine the challenges we face as a society and decide on the best approach to tackle and emerge victorious in the face of imminent danger that threatens the well-being of our universe as we know it. If issues of governance, leadership, food security, climate change etc. Whatever the case

I do observe noble efforts which we must credit to those who are taking the high road pointing out the areas where we need to improve as society. Kudos to that. Also there are those whose campaigns are bred by rage, hatred and animosity geared at emasculating men and it makes you wonder the ingenuity of such an approach. Talk of the extremes of feminism

To make gains that would be useful to the society we live in, I would think we need both of us working together, each holding up their own half of the sky. Most of the differences in my opinion are a product of the packaging and how information is relayed. When I see a program for example advertised as women in power, women in leadership etc. I think of it as a female issue which is contrary to what I would imagine if the message came across as Leadership in Kenya, Business Moguls in Kenya and so on and so forth.

I think it is imperative to address the critical challenges that face us objectively and if we look at leadership for example, examine our ills, leverage on our different life view- points which result from our differences in gender. Otherwise, if we package social issues as women issues and men issues, we will make little progress. Share your thoughts below.  Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world.  To get a female perspective on this, please read Mercy’s post HERE

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