PATIENCE; The art of being able to wait if and when necessary. By Anne Gathoni

One Sunday, I had the opportunity to listen to an interesting sermon whilst at church. The Priest, a very passionate one at that,...

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One Sunday, I had the opportunity to listen to an interesting sermon whilst at church. The Priest, a very passionate one at that, was tackling the topic of patience and how we are in need of it in such colossal dosages. He made a number of fascinating points which I will share with you.

Long ago, families back then were quite large, with the minimum number of children being about six. And the parents, most of who were not well off nor did they own a lot, made sure that they took care of their children. Not only by providing them with food and clothes (no matter how plain these may have been), but also ensuring that they grew up in the right manner. The right manner being that they were brought up with discipline, with a sense of differentiating good from evil, were taught right from wrong, morality and decency. There was so much cohesion and teamwork back then that everyone was accountable to the other.

However (he continued), look at society today… parents dump their children on their nannies for them to bring up,  they leave disciplining of their kids in the hands of their teachers, dump their kids in boarding schools at such tender and formative stages in their lives, all because they lack the patience to raise them, themselves. To be fair, this may not always be the case, but for those to whom this applies… patience is required and should be acquired. (for the child’s sake at the very least).

Students lacking the patience to actually get down to their books and read, has led to such a rampant increase in cheating, with numerous, dubious methods being developed to further grow this disease. Teachers lacking the patience to teach their students has also led them to wayward mannerisms with some even corrupting young minds, and leading them down amoral paths that eventually lead to disaster and misery. Businesses lacking the patience to invest in the manufacture of quality and up to standard goods, and provision of quality services, all in the pursuit of a quick buck.

Politicians wanting quick results and only looking at the short game, lacking the patience to come up with solutions that will last the long haul! And so many other situations that arise due to a lack of patience. So much can be changed if only we could all, practice some patience. Patience is a virtue, one which we are all in dire need of.  To read more posts by Anne, click HERE

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