Street dogs tend to be untrained and usually do not have a fixed abode. A street dog may belong to a home in one estate...

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Street dogs tend to be untrained and usually do not have a fixed abode. A street dog may belong to a home in one estate but don’t be surprised if you again meet it miles away. They usually recognize the places and the people of the places they resided in. In fact, if they meet any of them along the way, they often will follow them.

The “drifter phenomena” I am referring to above is an example of this. You will be walking with the said dog along the way one minute, the next minute, it diverts and disappears into the bushes only to re-emerge ahead if you. It will chase anything and everything it finds along the way. 

It seems this drifter mentality is also affecting so many people in the world today and sadly, a large number of them comprise of  the youth. Many seem undecided as to what it is that they want to do in life. So one minute they are in business, the next minute they are looking for employment. They don’t have a specific career path and they drift into what is hip. They are driven by fashion instead of passion or convenience instead of purpose. They jump from one relationship to the other leaving a trail of broken hearts and shattered dreams.

Though many may think that this is a show of their prowess, it makes them vulnerable to exploitation most of which result in serious repercussions and consequences. A rudderless ship ends up being lost in the sea, crashing and finally capsizing. An aircraft without a compass and other navigation equipment ends up crashing. The lives of many people have crashed because of indecision as far as matters of life are concerned. What drives you determines how far in life one can go so in conclusion, I will pose this question. Have you charted your course in life and if so, are you religiously following it or are you being tossed to and fro like a flag in the wind? Do you have a road map as to where you want to be in the future? Do you know where you are headed? Or are you still struggling to see the forest from the trees? I leave you with that food for thought. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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