Death is one subject that few like to discuss and in fact, in some African countries, it is a taboo to speak about death while...

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Death is one subject that few like to discuss and in fact, in some African countries, it is a taboo to speak about death while someone is still alive. Death is usually discussed in hushed tones and not for a long period of time. This is mostly brought about by the fact that nobody has ever really understood what death is all about.

When that unfortunate time comes and one exits the world, a funeral is the next process that takes place and though it, may vary from place to place, one thing is for sure: the remains of the late will have to be transported from where they are preserved to their final resting place. In most cases, this is done by close family members and friends. It’s funny how even if the late had few or no friends when they were alive, during their funeral everybody is ready to contribute in one way or the other. The thing that perplexes me most is the generosity of people when a person passes and yet the late may have died because they could not afford food or medication.

This whole scenario brings us to this question: Are the people who we surround ourselves with, true and genuine friends or are they there because they are gaining something out of us? Are they the people who won’t turn up when you need them most but when the things are smooth they are at your beck and call? Do your friends tell you the truth or do they tell you the things that will massage your ego? Do they point out the mistakes you have made (not to embarass but to correct you and make you a better person? Are they ready to defend you even when you are not there or are they the ones who starts a character assassination campaign against you when you are not around?

If somebody is not there when you need them, those are pallbearers avoid their company. If someone sticks with you through thick and thin, those are rare so keep them close to you and most of all, keep them close to your heart. Remember this: Your friends can make or break you. They can help you achieve your goals or stop you from achieving the same. Your character is shaped by the five people you spend time with so chose your inner circle very carefully. Know the friends in your life and the people who will only cry at your funeral even though they were never there in your life. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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