On ‘THE LIES WE TELL’ By Mercy Karumba

We all love approval from those around us even those we don't know, don't we? You know how good it feels when someone...

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We all love approval from those around us even those we don’t know, don’t we? You know how good it feels when someone compliments you? It boosts our self esteem and general self-worth. But the question is, how often do we go too far to get that approval?

Some relationships are founded on lies. The guy will lie about his background and wealth and each day live beyond his means to earn the girl’s love. For how long will this go on, not so long. He will end up becoming bitter or each time finding another lie to sustain the first one,”Oh you know, today my car is in the garage so we can’t use it.” 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Girls are not saints either. Indeed, some of us will live a lie about our families, our achievements, our principles, basically anything that will make us get the guy. We can even make up a lie about our friend whom he has an eye on, just to shift his focus on to us.

Some of us young people are living large, not because we can actually sustain it but so that word can get out there that we have made it in life. We’d rather live in the leafy suburbs in a tiny house just for ‘them’ to know. We’d rather spend large, take photos and post these on to Instagram or Facebook while sleeping hungry and wake up stressed the next day. We’d rather be in an unhappy relationship but be called the ‘power couple’.

Basically, we have allowed pressures of society to define our standards and happiness. That deep inside, we lie to ourselves about how content we are as long as we can please Person X.

Sadly, social media has made us believe that we are what others think of us, that popularity and approval are what defines us. I hope we soon get out of that lie so we don’t end up dying from their rejection. To get a male perspective on this, please read Mitchell’s post HERE   

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