‘THE WORLD CUP IS HERE’ By Mercy Karumba

"Dear Wife/Girlfriend, RE: APPLICATION FOR FIFA WORLD CUP BREAK This is to inform you that the FIFA...

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Dear Wife/Girlfriend,


This is to inform you that the FIFA World Cup is kicking off on Thursday 14th June 2018 and ending on Sunday 15th July 2018. I hereby want to confess before that time comes that I might not be in a position to handle you and the world cup at the same time. Whenever I delay replying to your text please forgive me, if I don’t pick up your calls forgive me as well. If I am late getting home, just know that I am watching a  game”………., goes an open letter that has gone viral over the past few weeks. I must say, we get the point and we shall act accordingly in love 😉

The buzz of the week has been “World Cup this and World Cup that” everywhere. Not that I am complaining. It is just interesting to see how soccer and politics are the two main topics that men discuss and passionately take sides to the point of putting their own personal lives on the line. Personally, I watched a bit of the previous World cup in 2014 and I am a supporter of Team Brazil all the way. I also know the roles of the linesmen and referee and I can coordinate on which sides the teams score. So, men, you see, we actually know something even if it is not as much as you want us to. It’s also true that multitasking is an issue for most men, and an ongoing soccer game makes it difficult to hear anything, let alone text back. This is also the time his true emotions will come out, from shouting while watching alone in celebration, to getting moody when his team loses.

I may not know all the teams, despite having the fixtures on my phone and I may only know about five players, (please don’t ask me to confirm which ones because they may not be your favourites), I might not have a jersey in support of  any team and yes I may actually not watch even half of the matches in this World Cup, however, I know I can actually watch and enjoy a match within the coziness of the home and with good company. Just make it comfortable for her, accord her the attention when there is no game playing and even watch some with her, though we know you enjoy it best with the boys. Communicate gently and help her understand the support you need. She knows what the world cup means to you and she will reciprocate by giving you all the love and support that you need during this World Cup month. To get a male perspective on this read Mitchell’s post HERE

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