On ‘SEPARATE LANGUAGES – His & Hers’ By Mitchell Odhiambo

There is a whole mystery behind language. It is as if there is a whole universe of cultures, behaviours and attitudes bundled up...

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There is a whole mystery behind language. It is as if there is a whole universe of cultures, behaviours and attitudes bundled up together into one continuous string referred to as language. You will find the meaning of words at times almost impossible to convey once you switch from one language to the next. You will notice people’s postures and degrees of passion differing when they convert from one language to the next. Like Nelson Mandela puts it, when you speak to a man in a language he understands, you speak to his mind but when you speak to him in his language, you speak to his heart. It is no different between men and women.

We are wired differently and volumes of literature have been written alluding to this. We communicate differently. Between men, constant communication is unnecessary, we can go for months if not years without necessarily speaking yet still consider each other buddies; with women, I understand this is a cardinal sin.

I attended a workshop a couple of weeks ago and women were complaining about the “man cave” What is this?They asked? Why can’t you men just share with us what you’re going through so we can deal with it together? You never know, we may be able to help” Interesting.

When a man recedes to his cave, he needs time to himself to reconnect with his inner strengths and emerge the super human he thinks he is; full of solutions. Where solutions are not forthcoming, only a fellow man he deeply respects can help him out of that state. Herein lies one of the key differences between how we communicate.

I came across an article that said “Asking your husband to do anything once is as good as not asking him to do anything at all, he will forget almost immediately. Remind him, call him to remind him, leave him a note and text him the same”. The speaker then went on to share a joke about a wife who asked her husband “When are you going to fix this bedroom lamp?” to which the husband replied “I heard you the first time you asked this and I said I’ll fix it honey. It’s only been six months since” Lol. I found that interesting.

Anyway, I bet it is important to understand how differently we are wired and how uniquely wired your partner is so as to adapt accordingly. Until we speak again, I am your host Mitchell Odhiambo. Welcome to a man’s world. To get a female perspective on this topic, you can read Mercy’s post HERE

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