On ‘The Big Picture’ By Anne Gathoni

This is probably going to be a weird post, so kindly indulge my temporary bout of insanity. So recently I...

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This is probably going to be a weird post, so kindly indulge my temporary bout of insanity.

So recently I was looking at our cat, aptly named Vybz due to my brother’s love for the Jamaican artist, and I realized that it had a very interesting walk. It swished and swayed as it walked, and this caught my attention, considering that it is in fact a male cat. It walked around with such an air of entitlement and pride and that was when it hit me; catwalk!

We often hear about models sashaying down the runways, cat-walking their way to fame, popularity and riches. They simply emulate how a cat walks.

Next case, Grey’s anatomy. For those who are unaware, this is probably the hottest medical drama that has been on air for more than a decade now. I became an avid fan just last year after binge watching 12 straight seasons. Now this is no mean feat, as each season has about 20 episodes each lasting about 40 minutes. Yeah, so, so much for that particular time of my life. Point is, it focuses on the life of Meredith Grey, and her journey as a doctor, from when she was a mere medical intern to now being one of the heads of the hospital. I always thought that the show was way too obsessed with her, making everything about her even with the presence of equally interesting characters. All events eventually led to her. It had never dawned on me that it was all in the name, “Grey’s anatomy’. With anatomy being the art of studying the different parts of any organized body, that is the structure and components of any organism. Thus the name consequentially points to a study of what makes up her life, ergo, it is quite all right that show is all about her.

There are so many more examples of this. Of cases whereby we can draw so much from the words that we hear, only that we see them in a limited view. A big picture view of things we so often ignore would reveal so much more than what is on the surface. May you all open your eyes wide open, and be ready to see the whole picture, rather than just facets of it. To read more posts by Anne, click HERE

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