In every town, city or road, we see  signs all over and for those who travel to new places, you know the importance...

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In every town, city or road, we see  signs all over and for those who travel to new places, you know the importance of them. The basic reason for having signs on our roads is either to show direction, distance or as a warning about a dangerous situation ahead. Signs are usually written in a legible manner and are usually clear and set at a vantage point where everybody can see them even from afar. Absence of a sign or illegibility of a road sign can lead to accidents or even business losses.

The funny thing about a road sign is that it shows the direction to a place and yet it has never been and may never go there. But one thing I love about them is that they stick to their purpose: in rain, sunshine, mud or dust. It stays in one place all its life never complaining. I wonder what would happen if all road signs decided that they were tired of staying in one place and they wanted to visit the places they keep showing direction to. There would be total chaos.

All of us, just like these signposts, came in to this world to fulfil a certain purpose and we came fully packaged. The sad thing is that most of us have absconded our purpose and followed either what society, friends, family or media thinks we should be. There are so many deficits in society today because many of us have moved from our position and have occupied positions which don’t belong to us leaving our work with nobody to do it.

We have lost our why and thus doing things because they have to be done or because we need the financial benefits not because we like to do it. Doing something from the heart is different from doing it under duress. As I conclude, my advice to all of us is simple; if you are a signpost, please show direction. If you are road, allow travellers to pass over you. If you are a fire, give out heat. If you are the moon or stars, please stick to the appointed time of shinning. We can succeed best if what we do aligns with our purpose. Align yourself with your purpose and everything else will fall in to place. To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE  

Photo Credit: Mwangi Ndegwa (speed limit)

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