I am not a fan of politics and I try as much as I can, to give it a very wide berth. However,  as an...

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I am not a fan of politics and I try as much as I can, to give it a very wide berth. However,  as an African, and politics being the order of the day at the moment, one cannot completely steer clear of it. I have purposed to be a student of life and I belong to the school of thought that believes that every thing we encounter, good or bad, has a lesson for us all and that if properly applied, can be of great help us all.

I have been observing the going-ons in the Kenyan political scene and one thing that has stood out is that in all incidences of chaos and violence, it is the young people who are involved. This got me thinking and asking the question. Why?

As I sought out answers from informed people, the recurring response was that these young people are jobless, idle and almost hopeless so it is very easy for anybody to manipulate or use them for a paltry amount of money.  Another response that also came up was that these people don’t make their own decisions. That somebody thinks for them, decides for them, and then sends them out to execute. In simple terms, they dance to a tune they don’t understand, played by somebody they don’t know.

At this juncture, something hit me: many of us are caught up in the same scenario. In over eighty percent of the things that we do, be this in career, business, studies, social circles or even religion, many of us are driven by the opinion(s) or decision(s) made by other people. We try to fit in even though we were created to stand out. Our lives are lived according to what our peers or society believes, even when we clearly know that this is not for our own good. We have sacrificed our dreams and aspiration at the altar of “fitting in.” Many of us have failed to attain certain levels in our lives because we choose to listen to the wrong tune. We have boarded the wrong bus and every kilometer we cover, is taking us further away from our goal(s) and destiny.

In conclusion, it is important that we to ask questions and seek the source of information before we act on it. Before we do something, it is important that we analyse the the kind of impact it is going to have on the rest of the people and the possible repercussions. Let us learn to be in charge of our own decisions.  To read more posts by Mwangi, click HERE

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